Guards United Protection Services

Always a step ahead for your security

Real security starts long before it makes an impact. We therefore stand firmly by your side with our knowledge, skills as well as an extensive experience if anything happens. But we rather won’t let it reach this point.
Proessionally. Discreet. With integrity.

Viribus unitis: With joint forces

Security as legacy and obligation. Since the 17th century the military service has always been a vocation for the Pomplun family.
Basing on this legacy the brothers Sandro and Fabian Pomplun bundled their competencies and skills from their professional training to start a future-oriented and highly specialized security company – and thereby successfully uphold a centuries-old tradition.

Fabian Pomplun - Bodyguard

Fabian Pomplun is a qualified bodyguard and security expert. In the course of numerous trainings and further education Fabian got his qualifications as commando officer in the field of security. Throughout his professional career he successfully worked for high-ranking personalities from politics, show business as well as various royal families.

Sandro Pomplun - CEO

Sandro Pomplun looks back on many years of experience in the field of creditor protection and receivables management. After many years of working in a law office he recently worked as department head and authorised officer of a large German service provider specialized in trade and business information and receivables management. He completed various qualifications in the field of debt collection and security.

Always in the background – but prepared at any time

We are successful if you barely notice us: discreet, restrained and excellent-mannered we ensure your personal security. On-site or on journeys – and always tailored to meet your requirements and any situation.

In this sensitive area we exclusively employ excellent trained (armed and unarmed) bodyguards with many years of experience. Regular trainings and courses ensure an optimum operational capability.

We place a high priority on minimizing risks in advance – by means of precize analyses and proactive security concepts.

The all-inclusive package – for an overall successful event

From small private events to sport events with thousands of fans: by means of our personnel structures we are able to offer you a tailor-made complete package for an undisturbed realisation of your event.

Experienced security managers analyse the specific risk situation and define appropriate processes and structures. A friendly service team and skilled security personnel ensure a smooth and discreet realisation of the respective security concept.

Your advantage: All security issues are in one hand and one responsibility.

Providing clarification – discreet and effective

In case of damage or threat we support companies and private individuals by consistent and discreet investigative procedures.

Of course our principle applies here too: most of the risks can significantly be reduced in advance by forward-looking action. However, in the worst case – or if a suspicion exists – our experienced investigation specialists will assist you in completely resolving the facts.

Depending on the case, you also benefit from our professional network and good contacts.

Only by knowing the risks one can prevent them

Within the scope of our security analysis we concentrate on recognizing, assessing and evaluating potential risk factors and vulnerabilities.

Our savety advisors support you in three sectors:

  • Personal security
  • Home security (also in the technical sector)
  • Company security

It is always our aim to answer the following questions precisely:

  • what are the potential risks?
  • how vulnerable is a person, building or company?
  • how serious would potential damages be?
  • how likely is the probability of occurence?

The results of these analyses enable us to develop useful and sustainable security concepts for specifc situations.

These include organisational as well as physical measures and strictly comply with our principle: Planning – Prevention – Hazard prevention.

Our concepts can be implemented by your own personnel or by us. In the latter case we guarantee maximum security standards by the use of modern technology – up to a 24-hour surveillance.

Discreet protection for people in the limelight

Public persons are exposed to particular – and almost unpredictably risks. This has always been the case. But in times of globally linked digital communication a potential hazard rises more than ever.

Guards United has an extensive experience in the protection of prominent and high-ranking individuals. Unobstrusive and restrained, with an absolute integrity and discretion, we make sure that you can enjoy your life in publicity.

Our services include inter alia:

  • Personal protection (on-site and on a journey)
  • Organization of the stay / concierge service
  • Limousine and chauffeur services
  • Armored vehicles
  • Interpreting service